"Recently I had the pleasure of seeing a virtual performance by THAT Mentalist Guy, Steve Sanders.
Steve is fantastic!  It was almost like he was in the room with us. Do not pass up an opportunity to see him."

Josh D.
Havasu City AZ

"How does he do it?!? Impossible to figure it out."

Jeff V.
Houston TX.

"I’ve seen lots of magicians over the years, and Steve is hands down one of the best performers that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. Highly recommended!!!!"

Dave N.
Fit For You Food Prep

"Very Surprised"

"We hired Steve to be the virtual entertainment for our monthly birthday celebration. 
Everyone is still talking about the experience. We were very surprised, the things that he was able to do. 
If you have ever considered virtual entertainment,
THAT Mentalist Guy, Steve Sanders will exceed your expectations and
make your event very unique!"

Maureen D.
The Uniform Shop Inc

"I have seen Steve’s work twice now. Absolutely amazing, jaw dropping performance. It is well worth getting Steve for your party at home, in the work place or Virtual."

Derek R.
Platinum Property Inspections

"I just don't get it. How does he do it?
My son and I were totally captivated and intrigued.
Steve's show is great entertainment!"

Robert. C.
Riverside CA

"Highly Recommended!!!!"
In your Home!

Hi, I'm Steve, let me help you navigate this new world of virtual entertainment.
I have packages available to amaze any group from
5 to 5000.

Join, me, THAT Mentalist Guy,  as we captivate your remote participants’ attention, while making them feel a part of something extraordinary.
Blending world-class mentalism, mind reading, and a healthy sense of humor, my unique and uplifting virtual mentalism show will leave your online guests in stunned amazement.

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Take Your Virtual Events To The Next Level

Packages Available To Amaze Any Group From 5 to 5000.

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I can tailor a performance for any occasion.
Let's make your next event an extraordinary and unique experience, that everyone
will be talking about for years!

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